There’s (much) more to the world than bad news.

Podcast Going Wild

🔊 Listen: Birdsong in the city

Alastair & Clarisse discuss how birdsong fills our cities as billions of people stay home. And Clarisse has a new challenge for you…!

We're winning! Making COVID history

🔊 We’re winning!

Alastair tells Clarisse why he reckons we need to win 7 matches to lift the “World Cup” against COVID-19 – and why he thinks we’re in the final already.

Bosco Verticale

🔊 Cities going green

The WoW! News podcast – Alastair and Clarisse explain how cities around the world are greening up.

Beaver swimming

🔊 A flood of smart ideas

The WoW! News Podcast: Alastair & Clarisse discuss flooding and what we are doing to solve the problem!


🔊 Fighting viruses together

The WoW! News podcast: Alastair describes how viruses live in our bodies and how we can fight against them.

asian scientist woman in a lab

🔊 Reprogramming our bodies with science

The WoW! News podcast: Alastair takes you on a journey to learn about doctors that are making important breakthroughs for young people with genetic diseases.

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