There’s (much) more to the world than bad news.


🎥 Axel’s Nose

Problem? Solution! – This 12-year-old solved a major ‘nose-ache’ for all of us…


🎥 Answers on a plate?

The WoW! News podcast – Life on Earth is getting less varied: one solution is sitting in front of us!

whale breaching

Life on the ocean wave

The WoW! podcast : Alastair & Clarisse discuss a scientific report that gives us hope for the oceans.

Aissatou Barry

Aissatou speaks to WoW!

Interview with a girl who speaks up. In Africa, many girls get married very young. But Aissatou wants her friends to stay in school.


Going wild!

Nature is claiming back territory from us humans as 3 billion people stay indoors to stop the corona virus. Alastair and Clarisse compare notes on what they’re seeing and hearing.

Kids with positive news

Welcome to the baby hippo!

Kids bringing positive news to kids! Sara and Leina welcome a baby hippo to the WoW! neighbourhood.

On va gagner!

Making COVID history

Human beings have already scored some amazing victories. Alastair tells Clarisse why we need to win 7 matches to lift the “World Cup” against COVID.

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