🗞 A space first!

Dream comes true for Jessica

Do you remember Jessica Meir, the astronaut? When we introduced you to her in WoW!, we promised we’d keep you up to date with her plans to make history in space.

Well, she did it! And her message from up there to all of us down here is that we can all make our dreams come true, if we really want it and work at it.

Jessica and her friend Christina Koch spent more than seven hours floating outside the International Space Station the other day. It was the first time ever that such a mission – known as a spacewalk – involved only women, with no man present outside the station.

While they were working outside, floating in their spacesuits, the two women took a telephone call from the president of the United States. He congratulated them on making the first 100%, all-women spacewalk.

Jessica said that there are now lots of women astronauts and so it is just “normal” for two women to be on the same spacewalk. In this case, their job was to fix a battery on the outside of the space station – floating 400 km above the Earth.

But Jessica and Christina also said that women in the past did not have the same opportunities as men and that their spacewalk showed things were changing.

Jessica has dreamed of being an astronaut since she was a little girl. She went into space for the first time last month. Now she has been outside on a spacewalk.

Her next dream is to be the first woman to walk on the Moon. That may be a few years away – but stay tuned to WoW! for more big news from Jessica!


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