🎥 Axel’s Nose

Problem? Solution! – This 12-year-old solved a major ‘nose-ache’ for all of us…





This week on WoW! Problem/Solution …

Axel, who’s 12 and lives in Strasbourg, saw there was a problem

It was the beginning of the COVID pandemic in France…

And Axel saw lots of people were being tested for the coronavirus

By doctors and nurses poking cotton buds up their nose

Ouch! No way! That hurts!

Also, the tests weren’t very good. They missed a lot of people who were sick.

So what was Axel’s solution?

A plastic nose!


No this, silly!

It’s a plastic nose. But a really life-like one, with all the bony and fleshy bits inside.

Axel designed the nose to be made anywhere with a 3D printer. Now doctors and nurses get more practice before poking people’s noses.

So… much less Ouch?

And the tests are more reliable!




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